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Oh Yeah!!! I am Proud of Name, My Family, and My Family History!!!!

Hubbard Family Creat Modern Day 2013

Hubbard is an English surname. The name is a variant of the surnames Hobart, Hubbart, Hubbert, and Hubert.[1][2] These surnames are derived from personal names, such as the Old German Hugibert and Hubert,[2] which are composed of the elements hug ("heart", "mind", "spirit") and berht ("bright", "famous").[1][2] Early forms of the surname include filius Huberti (in 1066), Hubert (in 1199) Huberd and Hubert (in 1230), and Hoberd (in 1291).[2]


This is the 2013 version of the Hubbard Coat of Arms. 

Ask Me about Umbraco and Why I use it?

The Friendly CMS that proves "FREE" is the new BIG!!!

This Site is built on the Latest Version Umbraco V7!!!


Here is a launch day video by the founder of Umbraco !


Why Umbraco? The Friendly Cms!!!


Umbraco CodeGarden 13

My first Trip Abroad to Copenhagen Denmark for the Annual Umbraco CodeGarden Festival





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