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Information Technology, 3D Animation & Web Visualization, Design and Web Development, Network Consulting & Integration, Multimedia, Remote Backup, Hosting , Computer Repair. and so much more!!!! Call +4344554928


Oh Yeah!!! I am Proud of Name, My Family, and My Family History!!!!

Hubbard Family Creat Modern Day 2013

Hubbard is an English surname. The name is a variant of the surnames Hobart, Hubbart, Hubbert, and Hubert.[1][2] These surnames are derived from personal names, such as the Old German Hugibert and Hubert,[2] which are composed of the elements hug ("heart", "mind", "spirit") and berht ("bright", "famous").[1][2] Early forms of the surname include filius Huberti (in 1066), Hubert (in 1199) Huberd and Hubert (in 1230), and Hoberd (in 1291).[2]


This is the 2013 version of the Hubbard Coat of Arms. 

Ask Me about Umbraco and Why I use it?

The Friendly CMS that proves "FREE" is the new BIG!!! The Best Community in the World!!!

This Site is built on the Latest Version Umbraco V7!!!


Here is a launch day video by the founder of Umbraco !


Why Umbraco ? The Friendly CMS

Umbraco CodeGarden 13

My first Trip Abroad to Copenhagen Denmark for the Annual Umbraco CodeGarden Festival

I have worked with Umbraco since 2008 and got the oppurtunity to take a trip to Coppenhagen Denmark for the Annual Event Ukmbraco CodeGarden 13.  


Here is the bathroom at the Cabin Hotel in Denmark!!


Here is the Hotel Room at the Cabin Hotel!!

Here is what happens when you get a few brillent people together at Umbraco Bingo!!!


Umbrao Flute!!


Fathers Day!! A message to my Dad!!!

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